Hypnotherapy hope for MND sufferers

Hypnotherapy hope for MND sufferers

June is Motor Neurone (MND) Awareness month. Each year, MND Associations’ across the globe mark 21 June as a special day of recognition, acknowledging the impact that MND has on people around the world. While conditions such as this might sound as though they are outside of scope of practice for a hypnotherapist there are actually many techniques that we can use to ease suffering and promote acceptance with clients who have these illnesses. In fact, the Motor Neurone Disease Association recommends hypnotherapy as an effective complementary therapy.

Motor Neurone Disease (also known in some parts of the world as ALS) is not one specific disease, but a group of them that affect the nerve cells. These nerve cells, or neurones, control muscles in our body and this group of diseases causes them to degenerate and die. Degeneration of the nerve cells can happen very rapidly. The muscles that allow us to move around, speak, swallow and breath simply stop working. There is no cure for MND and 50% of people will die within two years of diagnosis with a life expectancy of between 2 and 5 years. Naturally, a diagnosis of MND (and living with it) is extremely distressing for those with the disease and their friends and family.

When you study towards the diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy at the London Hypnotherapy Academy we have a medical hypnosis module where we look at the medical uses of hypnosis. In this module you will learn about the relationship between thoughts and physiological responses and psychogenic (psychosomatic) and neurological disorders. You'll learn how to assist clients in managing unwanted physical symptoms, reduce fears related to a diagnosis or condition and to help them to visualise the outcome that they want.

In addition to this in other modules you’ll learn powerful techniques that can help clients reframe and come to acceptance of chronic and life-limiting medical conditions. By working with a client to help them find peace with their diagnosis you are having a positive impact upon their quality of life.

If you’d like to find out more about training towards a rewarding career assisting people with chronic or life-limiting illnesses, attend one of our Discovery Days. They’re free and a great way to meet the tutor, find out about the course and have any questions you might have about your potential career path answered.

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