What I have learned from my clients

What I have learned from my clients

Since becoming a therapist in 1995 I have continued to learn about my profession. I do this through reading, speaking with other therapists and attending Continuous Professional Development courses. I regularly attend conferences for hypnotherapists and psychotherapists and follow new research. I suppose you could say that I’ve aspired to become the best therapist that I can be so that I can serve my clients well.

My training was good and combined with the life skills I’d gained over years of working with people wanting to improve their situation, I had a good start. I’d had training roles in commercial businesses as well as my own, and my voluntary work in a Women’s Aid refuge where I lived and worked with women escaping domestic abuse opened my eyes and my mind. I learned how damaged people do damage, but also how wonderfully resilient human beings can be when given the right support.

Every day, I witnessed the strength and resourcefulness of the women who fought to rebuild their lives in the face of enormous adversity. I learned things about the human spirit that I never would have learned from any seminar, textbook, or training. I learned not to make assumptions about people and not to label them as this kind of person or that kind of person. I learned that I could learn something from everyone I met, whatever their schooling or background, whether they lived in large house in Chelsea or a caravan or squat.

Over the years that I’ve been a professional therapist I have continued to learn about human frailties and strengths and my clients have been the best teachers. With every client and every year that passes as a professional therapist I have improved my skills. Each client I meet and every client session that I have teaches me more. Every client that I see and every hypnotherapy student that I teach in my training school reminds me of the reasons I chose this amazing profession. If you’d like to make use of your life experience and train as a hypnotherapist, let’s have a chat. You can schedule a time here or email me at info@londonhypnotherapyacademy.co.uk

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