Would you like to work with children?

Would you like to work with children?

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week in the UK. According to resources released by the charity Place2Be around 3 children in every primary school class are living with a diagnosed mental health problem and many others are struggling to navigate challenges such as bullying, anxiety and trauma.

In 2017 a survey was released which indicated that for many school-aged children worrying ‘all the time’ is increasingly common. The article then went on to report that over 80% of children felt that the best solution to their worries was to have an adult listen to them sympathetically.

While it’s important as a therapist to listen sympathetically, research has shown that ruminating, or continually going over your worries can lead to greater levels of anxiety. Children are particularly receptive to hypnotherapy; in their younger years they spend most of their days engaged entirely in absorbing and imaginative play which puts them into a hypnotic zone.They have vivid imaginations and haven’t yet learned the boundaries of ‘reality’ as we perceive them as adults, so they’re able to create solutions in their minds much more easily.

Hypnotherapy has been found in some studies to be more effective than traditional counselling and relaxation techniques in reducing anxiety, worry and feelings of helplessness in students. Best of all, hypnotherapy has no side effects unlike medication.

This year’s theme of ‘Finding your Brave’ would lend itself extremely well to a hypnotherapy session where you can help a child find where their brave has gone.It will look different for each child and the journey to discover it will be different; by tapping into their creativity and innate resilience you can help the child build their confidence and self-esteem through the process.

The Solution Focused Hypnotherapy module (commencing Saturday 21st March 2020) of the London Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma teaches you tools and techniques to work effectively with children and teenagers to help them to overcome a wide range is issues.

At LHA we have had a number of former teachers as our students and working with children seemed like a natural fit for them, however anyone can learn these skills and successfully create a career focused on children’s mental health. If you’d like to know more about training to become a hypnotherapists please get in touch on 020 3369 3360 or email us at info@LHA.training.

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